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About us

Navshakti is a 75-year-old institution based in Mumbai. Navshakti is not aligned any political group and speaks for the people of
Maharashtra. It is very strong and secular voice repented well & received all over the state.

THE FREE PRESS JOURNAL (English) Daily from Mumbai is one of the oldest newspapers in the country. It is being published for the last 81 years from Mumbai and enjoys a circulation of 1,23,330 copies with a readership of 6,97,680 plus in Mumbai & FREE PRESS (Indore) is a well-established English newspaper published from Madhya Pradesh since 1983 having a circulation of 40,400 copies with a readership of 1 lakh plus. Our Marathi daily NAVSHAKTI, a household name in Mumbai, enjoys a circulation of 83,910 copies in Maharashtra.

Established by late Swaminath Sadanand, the veteran and eminent nationalist, THE FREE PRESS JOURNAL, is continuing the committed march through the path of independent journalism. Our newspapers are considered and most preferred for publishing of Tender Notices, Display ads and Unaudited Financial Results because of our competitive advertisement rates and good reach.